General science Mock Test

Q.1 The planets visible to us without using a telescope are __________. A B C D

Q.2 The good sources of Vitamin-B Complex are A B C D

Q.3 Which non-metallic element is liquid at room temperature? A B C D

Q.4 The nearest planet to the Sun is A B C D

Q.5 All electromagnetic waves have the same A B C D

Q.6 The most abundant element in the universe is __________. A B C D

Q.7 Detachment of myosin head and actin in rigor mortis occurs due to A B C D

Q.8 Liver fluke is parasite in the liver of A B C D

Q.9 There are different reasons on the Earth because of A B C D

Q.10 Shrinkage of protoplast due to exosmosis of water is A B C D

Q.11 The good sources of Vitamin-A are A B C D

Q.12 Which from the following is NOT a non-renewable energy resource? A B C D

Q.13 Instrument used for measuring very high temperature is __________. A B C D

Q.14 About 50% of the Earth’s crust, including the waters on the Earth and atmosphere, is A B C D

Q.15 Gram +ve bacteria on treatment with crystal violet dye give colour A B C D

Q.16 Rocks which are formed by high temperature and pressure on existing rocks over a period of time are called ________ rocks. A B C D

Q.17 In many which phylum the body of an organisms is usually divided in there regions called head, thorax and abdomen A B C D

Q.18 The gas, commonly known as “laughing gas”, is A B C D

Q.19 Amoeba moves in water with the help of locomotory organs called A B C D

Q.20 The most abundant element in the earths crust is oxygen. The second most abundant element in the earths crust is A B C D

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