Gen Science in English  Mock Test

Q.1 Which from the following has the greatest speed? A B C D

Q.2 The branch of science which study the interaction between matter and radian energy is called A B C D

Q.3 There are ________ major tectonic plates. A B C D

Q.4 The Nobel prize in physics for the discovery of the law of photoelectric effect was awarded to A B C D

Q.5 Malarial parasite is injected into man as A B C D

Q.6 Ships use ________ to find the depth of the ocean beneath them. A B C D

Q.7 The horizontal rows of the periodic table are called A B C D

Q.8 The density of water is __________. A B C D

Q.9 Molten rock above the surface of the Earth is called? A B C D

Q.10 When white light is passed through a prism, it splits into __________ colours. A B C D

Q.11 If we heat one end of metallic rod, the other end gets hot. The method of heat transfer is A B C D

Q.12 GPS is an abbreviation for? A B C D

Q.13 About 50% of the Earth’s crust, including the waters on the Earth and atmosphere, is A B C D

Q.14 Marble and slate are examples of A B C D

Q.15 The SI unit of "pressure" is _________. A B C D

Q.16 The Earths internal heat mainly comes from A B C D

Q.17 Movement of cell against concentration gradient is called A B C D

Q.18 The boiling point of alcohol is A B C D

Q.19 The most abundant element in the universe is __________. A B C D

Q.20 A loudspeaker changes ________ energy into sound energy. A B C D

Gen Science in English

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