Gen Science in English  Mock Test

Q.1 One of the following is not pyrimidine A B C D

Q.2 The foetus is protected from the mechanical damage by the A B C D

Q.3 Which from the following has the greatest speed? A B C D

Q.4 GPS is an abbreviation for? A B C D

Q.5 During photosynthesis, plants A B C D

Q.6 The simplest amino acid is A B C D

Q.7 Which from the following is NOT a renewable energy resource? A B C D

Q.8 The diameter of the Earths equator is larger than the pole-to-pole diameter by A B C D

Q.9 Outside the thallus of Marchantia there are special structures called A B C D

Q.10 The key factor in determining the weather is the quantity of ________ in the atmosphere. A B C D

Q.11 On average, Air contains ________ % of water vapour. A B C D

Q.12 The SI unit of "pressure" is _________. A B C D

Q.13 In general, wind speed of 105–137 caused A B C D

Q.14 If we heat one end of metallic rod, the other end gets hot. The method of heat transfer is A B C D

Q.15 Molten rock above the surface of the Earth is called? A B C D

Q.16 Release of the ovum from ovary is called A B C D

Q.17 In many which phylum the body of an organisms is usually divided in there regions called head, thorax and abdomen A B C D

Q.18 Highly intelligent mammals are A B C D

Q.19 Earthworm lives in A B C D

Q.20 Nucleus was discovered by A B C D

Gen Science in English

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