Gen Science in English  Mock Test

Q.1 During photosynthesis, plants A B C D

Q.2 The first chemical explosive, Gunpowder, is a mixture of A B C D

Q.3 Release of the ovum from ovary is called A B C D

Q.4 The salinity of sea water is determined by the amount of common salt (Sodium Chloride) in __________ of sea water. A B C D

Q.5 The most abundant element in the Earths crust is __________. A B C D

Q.6 The smallest bacteria on earth is A B C D

Q.7 Which metallic element is liquid at room temperature? A B C D

Q.8 Which from the following is true for "Sound"? A B C D

Q.9 Accumulation of lipid molecules in brain cells lead to A B C D

Q.10 An instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure is A B C D

Q.11 Pollination is best defined as A B C D

Q.12 Gram +ve bacteria on treatment with crystal violet dye give colour A B C D

Q.13 In general, Comets have __________ orbits. A B C D

Q.14 In night, when photosynthesis is stopped, plants A B C D

Q.15 The Earths internal heat mainly comes from A B C D

Q.16 The lifespan of Red Blood Cells is __________ days. A B C D

Q.17 The number of oscillations per second is called the A B C D

Q.18 Battery was invented by A B C D

Q.19 Which is the largest excretory organ of the body A B C D

Q.20 The most densest substance on the Earth is __________. A B C D

Gen Science in English

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