Gen Science in English  Mock Test

Q.1 Detachment of myosin head and actin in rigor mortis occurs due to A B C D

Q.2 Wind is caused by A B C D

Q.3 On which of the following plants did Gregor Mendal perform his classical experiment A B C D

Q.4 The pancreas produce digestive enzymes and release in the A B C D

Q.5 When gas is ionized, ________ forms. A B C D

Q.6 Sound waves from a loudspeaker are caused by A B C D

Q.7 In all coelentrates endoderm give rise to A B C D

Q.8 The most abundant form of matter in the universe is A B C D

Q.9 The energy value of food is measured in A B C D

Q.10 The entropy of the universe is A B C D

Q.11 The SI unit of thermodynamic temperature is A B C D

Q.12 Marble and slate are examples of A B C D

Q.13 The brain is enclosed in a bony case called A B C D

Q.14 CNG stands for? A B C D

Q.15 Earths troposphere extends from the Earths surface to an average height of about ________ km. A B C D

Q.16 Very High Frequency (VHF) have __________ wavelengths. A B C D

Q.17 The vascular plants are termed as A B C D

Q.18 Which metallic element is liquid at room temperature? A B C D

Q.19 The key factor in determining the weather is the quantity of ________ in the atmosphere. A B C D

Q.20 Non-enveloped naked viruses are known as A B C D

Gen Science in English

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