Biology in English  Mock Test

Q.1 Starch is converted into maltose by A B C D

Q.2 Single membrane bounded organelle is A B C D

Q.3 Severe deficiency of Vitamin D results in __________. A B C D

Q.4 A seed may be defined as a fertilized A B C D

Q.5 Which one is abundant in lymph A B C D

Q.6 Number of chromosomes in E.coli A B C D

Q.7 The average internal temperature of human body is __________. A B C D

Q.8 Which structure is involve in gaseous exchange of plants A B C D

Q.9 It is generally accepted that plants arose from ancestral A B C D

Q.10 The simplest fatty acid is A B C D

Q.11 The basic framework of all types of membranes are A B C D

Q.12 Messenger RNA is formed in A B C D

Q.13 In bacterial and viral infection, their is increase in number of A B C D

Q.14 Deafness is caused by misuse of A B C D

Q.15 Glyoxisomes contain enzymes for A B C D

Q.16 Jaws without teeth are found in found in A B C D

Q.17 Which of the following kinds of atom do not occur in carbohydrates A B C D

Q.18 Co-enzyme is often formed from A B C D

Q.19 Pigment present in red algae is A B C D

Q.20 Blood is carried towards the heart by __________. A B C D

Biology in English

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