Biology in English  Mock Test

Q.1 Normally, in the process of osmosis, the net flow of water molecules into or out of the cell depends upon differences in the A B C D

Q.2 In RNA nucleotides are attached by A B C D

Q.3 Main energy reserves in the case of green algae are A B C D

Q.4 Blood is carried towards the heart by __________. A B C D

Q.5 The basic framework of all types of membranes are A B C D

Q.6 Nitrogen is present in A B C D

Q.7 Cilia are produced from A B C D

Q.8 Bryophytes are A B C D

Q.9 Enzyme present in the saliva is A B C D

Q.10 Production of sweat and sebum is related with A B C D

Q.11 Starch is converted into maltose by A B C D

Q.12 Protein factory is A B C D

Q.13 Glyoxisomes contain enzymes for A B C D

Q.14 Irregular grape like cluster of bacilli is called A B C D

Q.15 True roots absent in A B C D

Q.16 The human body contains water A B C D

Q.17 Coenocytes is a fungal body which is A B C D

Q.18 Which gene is located on linkage group number 11 in man A B C D

Q.19 Bacteria without any flagella are called A B C D

Q.20 Phage virus consists of head and A B C D

Biology in English

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