Computer Quiz  Mock Test

Q.1 Operating system, editors and debuggers come under? A B C D

Q.2 Which of the following terms is related to the features of cascading deletion? A B C D

Q.3 Which of the following operating system is based on open-source software? A B C D

Q.4 CPU consists of the following parts: A B C D

Q.5 When you press a key, which device notifies the system software? A B C D

Q.6 A primary key that consists of more than one attribute is called a _________. A B C D

Q.7 ___________ is a device from where the information is sent. A B C D

Q.8 What is a diagrammatic way of representing the relationship between the entities in a database? A B C D

Q.9 Another name for free software is? A B C D

Q.10 MICR stands for? A B C D

Q.11 A language that is closed to human language is called _________? A B C D

Q.12 The software used for workgroup computing is called ___________. A B C D

Q.13 The major language of World Wide Web is ___________. A B C D

Q.14 Analog signal is measured in: A B C D

Q.15 Which one connects two similar network segments? A B C D

Q.16 Which of the following communication medium requires "line-of-sight"? A B C D

Q.17 The process to convert analog signals into digital signals is called ___________. A B C D

Q.18 C language was developed by: A B C D

Q.19 Which of the following components of physical database design refer to the correctness and consistancy of data? A B C D

Q.20 NTFS stands for? A B C D

Computer Quiz

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