समद्विबाहु TriBhuj Ka Parimaap Ka Sutra समद्विबाहु त्रिभुज का परिमाप का सूत्र

समद्विबाहु त्रिभुज का परिमाप का सूत्र

Pradeep Chawla on 12-05-2019

An isosceles triangle is a triangle with 2 sides of equal length and 2 equal internal angles adjacent to each equal sides. Unlike an equilateral triangle wherein we can use any vertex to find out the altitude, in an isosceles triangle we are suggested to draw a perpendicular from the vertex which is common to the equal sides.
Let us see how to calculate the area, altitude, and perimeter of an isosceles triangle. Isosceles Triangle From figure, let;
a be the measure of the equal sides of an isosceles triangle.
b be the base of the isosceles triangle.
h be the altitude of the isosceles triangle. The Isosceles Triangle Formulas are, Area of an Isosceles Triangle Perimeter of an Isosceles Triangle

सम्बन्धित प्रश्न

Comments Shi nath on 28-05-2020

Sama duibahu trivuja ka area formula

Fehjan on 16-05-2020

Samdibahu tribhuj ka primap ka formula

Krishna Krishna singh on 11-05-2020


Vijay singh on 02-03-2020

Samdibahutribhuj ka parimap kya hoga

Chandramani Mishra on 27-01-2020

Vismbahu aur five angle k parimaap ka formula

Krishna on 22-01-2020

Perimeter of isosceles triangle

Happy on 16-01-2020

The length of two sides of isosceles triangle are 15 and 22 respectively. What are the possible values of perimeter?

Suraj kumar on 14-01-2020

यदि किसी समदिबाहु त्रिभुज का परिमाप p है तो उसका क्षेत्रफल ज्ञात कीजिए

Ashutosh singh on 22-08-2018

Samdibahu tribhuj ka parimap

Satya parkash on 09-09-2018

Samdibahu tribhuh ka uchai

Prasenjit raj on 11-10-2018

Samdibahu tribhuj ka adhar

Ashu Mishra on 03-11-2018

Samdibahu tribhuj ka primap

Rajinder on 05-12-2018

Trebuj ka preamp ka sure

Rajesh kumar on 29-03-2019

Samdiwibahu tribhuj ma parimap

shukanya kashyap on 13-04-2019

tribhuj ka parimaap ka sutra

Vaibhav Parmar on 12-05-2019

Samdhibau tribug ka sutr

Priyanshi on 12-05-2019

Samdivbahu tribhuj ka parimap ka forumula

Sudarshan kumar. on 13-05-2019

समद्विबाहु tribhuj ka parimap

5 ka under root Kya hota hai on 23-05-2019

5 ka under root Kya hota hai

Pratyaksh on 03-06-2019

Sambahu tribhuj ka parimap barabar

Kamlesh kumar on 03-07-2019

Sambhu terbhug ka parimal ka sutr

समदीवाहु त्रिभुज का परामाप on 11-07-2019

ब्रह्मदेव on 22-07-2019

समद्विबाहु त्रिभुज की परिमाप का सूत्र क्या है?

Rajan Kumar on 23-07-2019

Sandeep bhai chitravad ka

Vicky dubey on 19-09-2019

Sambahu tribhuj ka parimap

Pankaj kumar on 27-09-2019

Samdivbhahu tribhuj ka are

Sreesanth on 16-10-2019

Samdibahu tribhuj ka parimap ka sutra

Krishna on 28-10-2019

Bhujaao ka anupat 3 anupat 5 hai and parimap 110 hai tao chetrphaI gyat kre

Niranjan k on 05-11-2019

एक समद्विबाहु त्रिभुज का क्षेत्रफल ज्ञात करें जिसका परिमाप 60 सेंटीमीटर है

Rinku kumar on 19-11-2019

Samkon samdibahu tribhuj ka parimap ka sutra

Sohit Shrivastav on 29-12-2019

Yak sambahu tirbhuj Ke bhuja 3.5 cm h iska Parimal gayt kijey

Pinkesh kumar on 07-01-2020

Samdwie bahu tringal ka parimap

Suraj kumar on 14-01-2020

यदि किसी समदिबाहु त्रिभुज का परिमाप p है तो उसका क्षेत्रफल ज्ञात कीजिए

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