are (are) Meaning In English

are का अन्ग्रेजी में अर्थ

are (are) = Are

are (क्रिया)

Hindi Dictionary. Devnagari to roman Dictionary. हिन्दी भाषा का सबसे बड़ा शब्दकोष। देवनागरी और रोमन लिपि में। एक लाख शब्दों का संकलन। स्थानीय और सरल भाषा में व्याख्या।

are से सम्बंधित प्रश्न

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एक निश्चित कूट भाषा में ‘pit dar na’ का अर्थ है ‘you are good’; ‘dar tok pa’ का अर्थ है ‘good and bad’ और ‘tim na tok’ का अर्थ है ‘they are bad’। उस भाषा में किस अंक का अर्थ ‘they’ है ?

श्री ओंकारेश्वर ज्योतिर्लिंग omkareshwar madhya pradesh

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are meaning in Gujarati: છે
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are meaning in Telugu: ఉన్నాయి
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are के पर्यायवाची:

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synonyms of are in Hindi are ka Samanarthak kya hai? are Samanarthak, are synonyms in Hindi, Paryay of are, are ka Paryay, In “gkexams” you will find the word synonym of the are And along with the derivation of the word are is also given here for your enlightenment. Paryay and Samanarthak both reveal the same expressions. What is the synonym of are in Hindi?

are का पर्यायवाची, synonym of are in Hindi

are का पर्यायवाची शब्द क्या है, are Paryayvachi Shabd, are ka Paryayvachi, are synonyms, are का समानार्थक, are ka Samanarthak, are ka Paryayvachi kya hai, are पर्यायवाची शब्द, are synonyms in hindi, are ka Paryayvachi in hindi


are Paryayvachi Shabd, are ka Paryayvachi, are पर्यायवाची शब्द, are synonyms in hindi

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