What is a Prime Factor? | अभाज्य गुणनखंड / रुड घटक | गणित | Prime Factor

What is a Prime Factor? | अभाज्य गुणनखंड / रुड घटक | गणित | Prime Factor

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What is a Prime Factor? | Prime Factor | अभाज्य गुणनखंड / रुड घटक | गणित | By Poojan Sir

WsCube Tech proudly presents basic math’s video in Hindi, which explains How to find prime factors of numbers? This type of question comes in competitive exam very much time. So in this video, we teach you how to find prime factors easily and this lesson reviews finding the prime factorization of a number and then using that skill to find the greatest common factor between two or three numbers. The Greatest Common Factor is the biggest number that divides evenly into each number in a given group of numbers & will give a clear view of the exam. And you will get the way to prepare for any competition exam like Railway, RPF, SSC-CGL, SSC-CHSL, SSC-MTS, SSC-GD, PATWAR, Banking, IBPS, SBI, ARMY, Constable, Air-Force, RAS, CSAT, and D-group. For more Videos subscribe to our channel.

And this video consists of simple tricks that may be a part of MATHS. A thoroughly useful and should watch video for all competitive exams because it contains the queries also shortcuts & Tricks in conjunction with acceptable examples.

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