General Science Kis Drav Ka Ghanatwa Sabse Kam Hai ?

किस द्रव का घनत्व सबसे कम है ? - Which fluid has the lowest density? - Kis Drav Ka Ghanatwa Sabse Kam Hai ? General Science in hindi,  Physics Namkeen Jal question answers in hindi pdf  Petrol questions in hindi, Know About Swachh Jal General Science online test General Science notes in hindi quiz book    Mercury

banty on 30-05-2021

si unit of force

Anonymous on 01-01-1900

Correct ans. (D)मर्करी है

Anonymous on 01-01-1900


Anonymous on 01-01-1900


Anonymous on 01-01-1900

Shudh water

namwa namwa on 13-03-2021

This questinwa is going wrongwa.

The suiyan is dubing in the paniya and the sheepwa is tairing in the paniya.