Rajvansh (Dynasty) Meaning In Hindi

Dynasty meaning in Hindi

Dynasty = राजवंश (Rajvansh)
, राज-कुल

राजवंश संज्ञा पुं॰ राजा का कुल । राजकुल ।
किसी एक ही परिवार से एक के बाद एक शासन करने वाले व्यक्तियों को वंश (dynasty) कहते हैं। Royal FamiliesThis is a list of rulers of the Huns. Period RulerThe crown of the Kingdom of England and Ireland merged with that of the Kingdom of Scotland to form a personal union between England-Ireland and Scotland (the former a personal union itself)Though in elected governments rule does not pass automatically by inheritance, political power often accrues to generations of related individuals even in Republics. Eminence, Influence, familiarity, tradition, genetics, and even nepotism may contribute to this phenomenon.Family dictatorships are a slightly different concept, where political power passes within a family due to the overwhelming authority of the leader, rather than informal power accrued to the family.कुछ राजनीतिक वंश:

Synonyms of Dynasty

blood royal
राजवंश, शाही नस्ल


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