शिफ अभिकर्मक का सूत्र

शिफ Abhikarmak Ka Sutra

Gk Exams at  2018-03-25

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Pradeep Chawla on 11-10-2018

EuFOD is the chemical compound with the formulaEu(OCC(CH3)3CHCOC3F7)3, also called Eu(fod)3. This coordination compound is used primarily as a shift reagentin NMR spectroscopy. It is the premier member of the lanthanide shift reagents and was popular in the 1970s and 1980s.
Formula for shift reagent

Comments टोलेन अभिकर्मक on 29-11-2019

टोलेन अभिकर्मक का सूत्र

Amit yadav on 01-07-2019

Sirf abhikarmak kya hai

Anand bandewar on 18-02-2019

Wha is shif abhikarmak

Akash Akash on 14-02-2019

शिफ अभिकर्मक का सूत्र क्या है

Sudhir on 21-01-2019

Shiff regent formula

Kapil on 18-01-2019

Clll3 no2

Pranshu Tripathi on 09-01-2019

Shiff reagant ka rasaynik sutra

Mukesh kumar on 06-01-2019

शिप अभिकमरक के बारे मे जानकारी

Ship reagent ka formula on 10-09-2018

Ship reagent ka formula

Rajesh Verma on 02-09-2018

Chemical name of schiff reagents

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