शिफ अभिकर्मक का सूत्र

शिफ Abhikarmak Ka Sutra

Pradeep Chawla on 11-10-2018

EuFOD is the chemical compound with the formulaEu(OCC(CH3)3CHCOC3F7)3, also called Eu(fod)3. This coordination compound is used primarily as a shift reagentin NMR spectroscopy. It is the premier member of the lanthanide shift reagents and was popular in the 1970s and 1980s.
Formula for shift reagent

Comments Amit on 19-02-2021

Shief abhikarmak Kya hota hai

Vipen diwaker on 09-02-2021

शिफ अभिकर्मक क्या होता है।

Anshika on 30-01-2021

शिफ् अभिकर्मि क्या है

Dhruv Gupta on 21-01-2021

What Shiff reagent colour

Kismat ali on 03-12-2020

Siph reactant ka farmula

Shivangi on 27-11-2020

Shif abhikarmk formula

Shif abhikarmak formula on 22-02-2020

Shif abhikarmak formula

Anjali on 14-01-2020

Shif abhikarmak

Neetu on 14-01-2020

Shif abhikarmak ka formula

Anurag srivastav on 14-01-2020

What is the chemical formula of Schiff reagent.

Pushpendra on 07-01-2020

National abhikaramak ka sutra

Shish reagent ka formula kya hai on 25-12-2019

Shish reagent ka formula kya hai

टोलेन अभिकर्मक on 29-11-2019

टोलेन अभिकर्मक का सूत्र

Amit yadav on 01-07-2019

Sirf abhikarmak kya hai

Anand bandewar on 18-02-2019

Wha is shif abhikarmak

Akash Akash on 14-02-2019

शिफ अभिकर्मक का सूत्र क्या है

Sudhir on 21-01-2019

Shiff regent formula

Kapil on 18-01-2019

Clll3 no2

Pranshu Tripathi on 09-01-2019

Shiff reagant ka rasaynik sutra

Mukesh kumar on 06-01-2019

शिप अभिकमरक के बारे मे जानकारी

Ship reagent ka formula on 10-09-2018

Ship reagent ka formula

Rajesh Verma on 02-09-2018

Chemical name of schiff reagents

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